A Game of Temperate Zones

Sarah is at a week-long silent retreat (this sounds like a form of water torture to me), so Civilization was indicated! Two new players joined, and the player who was Crete was doing so for the first time – he had a heck of a time, compounded by a few (IMO, ill-advised) decisions to provoke conflicts when he was vulnerable. One of those was with me: that was a classic “don’t poke the bear” moment – save trash-talking for after the movement phase of the person in question, especially if it’s your neighbor, and you have wide-open fronts.

We had the weirdest ruling occur: civil war came up, and two players had precisely the same number in stock, where one had more cities, and one had more farmers. We (after much argument) eventually resolved that the beneficiary was the player who was further behind on the AST as the tie-breaker – although that is a weak tie-breaker, because it would be easy for that to be the same. According to this thread at boardgamegeek, we should have resolved it in AST order instead. That would have flipped who got it. Another thing we need to do is be more careful about who trades whom calamities – there were several cases of “who gave that to me?” for secondary effects, with several people claiming to have traded the card.

I don’t think I’ve seen a game where we all finished so close together before – we were on the same two points on the AST (Italy, Illyria, and Assyria were “one” ahead). We also decided after the movement phase that it was the last turn – I suspect some of the final moves would have been different (I would have been dogpiled a bit more, I expect, and I would hopefully have remembered to actually *use* architecture to make the extra city – d’oh!)

Africa: 1827 : Shoshana
Italy: 2273: Rebecca
Illyria: 2238: Michael
Crete: 1498: Jared
Assyria: 2317: David
Babylon: 2140: Cole
Egypt: 2108: Merideth


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