Hot Sauced Buns

In the “apparently everyone in the universe knew this before me” department, Huy Fong sriracha sauce (aka “rooster sauce” which totally sounds like some sort of euphemism) is certified kosher by a respected agency (and here’s the kicker) regardless of what’s on the label. Yay RCC!

This was not always the case. I first encountered that sriracha about 12 or so years ago at Korean Korner in Rockville, when Sarah and I were on a sushi-making kick, and I was looking for something with which to make spicy tuna rolls. I saw it, and bought it, because it had a hashgaha (supervision mark) I didn’t recognize, which turned out to be the KTK (aka Star Shield K) (also seen locally on bread at whole foods). NOTE: this is NOT related to any supervision from Minnesota (the highly reliable “United Mehadrin” hashgaha looks like a shield, and could get confused with them) A small incident of my encounter about this sauce and that hashgaha is on my old blog from 2007 (and I see that KTK updated their website in 2008, such that the halakhic guidance on shmitta and other info was pulled off, and is now just application forms).

One note on kosher supervision: when evaluating a kosher supervision symbol, check Kosherquest first. If the symbol is not there, then ask your local rabbi – it may be that they are smaller, regional, etc. If a supervision agency says that they’re really big and respected, but isn’t on that list, I’d view their claim with extra skepticism, and definitely ask your local rabbi, but It doesn’t augur well. Remember The Princess Bride: “Life is pain, Highness; anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.”

In any case, I had looked at the growing cultural-meme level popularity of sriracha as something which would pass me by – yet another bacon or unicorn meat. But now, the yummy goodness can be mine!


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