Plowshares for Everyone!

This past Shabbat, Sarah was extraordinarily nice, and let me host a civilization game even though she was in town. Thanks!

This was one of the more peaceful games I’ve seen: 6 players, one n00b (W, playing Egypt, of course, who is a *delightful* fellow). Asia, Thrace, and Crete were out of play. Interestingly, we would have had two more players, but they chose to ditch an opportunity to improve a society by introducing monotheism, rule of law, literacy, and free trade, and go to CPAC instead. Well! I know who came out ahead on that trade! Notably, the three most experienced players were all on the northern side of the board. We called it at havdalah, so it was on the shorter side.

Final scores:
Assyria (me): 3449
Babylon (SDP): 3106
Illyria (MP): 2966
Italy (RR): 2461
Egypt (W): 1623
Africa (JC, no not that one): 1531

I was particularly surprised that as I started to pull ahead, and there was even some discussion of this at the table, ere was not a “dogpile David” moment: this is where the aggressiveness of an E or A or the sheer randomness of a Matt would have probably knocked me down about three pegs. I think SDP is the real success story in the civ games: she’s grown from perennially being at the bottom to being one of the consistently strongest players.

Coinage was a clutch early purchase, and let me completely manipulate the taxation rates, allowing me to really get the better of the trade, and thus technology, cards. A good game, this summer will hopefully have more.


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