Casting Lots About

Purim has been 98% blast. The wine & cheese tasting was great, although we learned a few things (cheese takes far longer to cut than we thought, even with several people doing it, very few folks like dry white wines, and we should triple the pastry order). I think the Tobia Alma Mater Rioja Tempranillo-Garnacha 2011 and the Chateau Bellerives Dubois Cotes de Bordeaux 2010 were the big winners of the evening.

The cheese guy cheeses (particularly the montaggio and havarti) and the Susan’s Gourmet cheeses (Syrian and mozzarella with Za’atar) were very popular, and the Dear CoCo truffles were a gigantic hit (the smoky mountain in particular was delicious with the Bordeaux). Add to this a bunch of Duke Ellington, Buddy Rich, Rodrigo Y Gabriela and the like, and it was a classy evening.

Well, it was Purim, so costumes were involved.


Sadly, this picture doesn’t quite capture the full effect, but we were not the only folks in costume for the evening- a cat made an appearance, as did a few more.

The seudah & shpiel went swimmingly: a whole bunch of people rose up out of flu-beds and were great- a whole lot of Rabbi-mocking and Les Miserables-mangling, good-time-having rollicking time. Another couple came as each other to the seudah, and my Casper-legs got mocked by none other than Leon Wieseltier himself (!) and we even had Superman (or was it Supperman?) play the rabbi. Given that the meal was fried Dougie’s goodness, what could be better?

So in all that there was one faux pas:

there was non-kosher food in some of the mishloah manot (gifts of food given person to person). D’oh! I’m not talking about baked goods from someone’s house here, I mean processed food which requires supervision but doesn’t have it. In this case, the producer routinely makes other stuff which is kosher, but this particular specialty product isn’t. The bag wasn’t labeled: I’m not sure from whom it came, so my hope is that this is just an oversight caused by haste rather than a bigger issue.

But all in all, marbeh simha.


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