Back in the Saddle Again


So with being in remission (yay!) comes several things: beginning the process of weaning off of my painkillers (I expect to be at zero schedule 2 narcotics in 28 days), dropping the other meds one at a time (bye bye atovaquone!), and general improvement in my overall well-being.

But the big improvements are twofold:

First, The Franchise is practicing again, and resuming work on our fourth album, tentatively titled “Movers and Shakers”. Boy I’ve missed this. There is something wonderful about getting to hit something and call it music, but I sure do feel the rust: my lead guitar skills have deteriorated quite a bit, so I’ll need to do a lot of work to bring that back.

Second, I got my bike from the basement of the Alamo (it’s a Trek Allant hybrid), and have embraced the full urban-dork cyclist phenomenon (panniers, oodles of neon, flashy lights, etc), and finally I can start really living my ideology about driving a lot less. Whoo hoo!

I have already learned one lesson about the big scary world: I parked in a stairwell at a doctor’s office (and got yelled at) but had someone try to swipe my front wheel (the fender was half off, and the air had been let out of both tires). The $30 anti-theft pins already paid for themselves! Another lesson is that the top of a single cart at Trader Joe’s fills up both panniers, and is REALLY heavy.

But it’s good to be back.