Roundup doesn’t just kill weeds

This holiday season has been pretty good. I think the most amusing part was probably the Shmini Atzeret debate between our educational intern (who had a physics degree) and a philosophy graduate student about heliocentrism versus geocentrism – the philosopher wouldn’t give an inch, and the argument spent a tremendous amount of time on whether the moon had mass. Heh. Now, the kick of this is that in a relativistic universe, neither position is correct: the entire universe is in motion relative to the rest, so the only way you can actually judge motion is to set an arbitrary point as “fixed” and then use that as your frame of reference. This is a great visualization of how the motions of the planets would work using either model. Of course, I’m glad that NASA SpaceX uses a heliocentric model when doing calculations, but the point stands.


That is a close up of the door assembly I built for the sukkah: I cut the tarp, and was all set to sew up the two new edges (even to the point of buying a hand stitcher), and then I happened to call my mother, who is an excellent, make-her-own-clothes level sewer. She’s the reason I know how to sew (and also the reason I know basic automotive repair!). So anyway, I was talking to her about the project and she was giving some suggestions, when she said: “wait a minute – this tarp is plastic, right? Why aren’t you using black duct tape?”


But when the expert seamstress says that duct tape is the answer, you know that it’s true. The sliders are shower curtain rings (Thanks, Dan G!), and the wood assembly is just designed to give them clearance to slide under the s’khakh (without letting metal touch it of course).

We hosted 1 Rosh Hashana meal, 3 Hag Sukkot meals, one Shabbat Hol hamoëd Sukkot meal, and one Shmini Atzeret meal, for a total of 43 guests. Total number of paper products used: zero.

I got to lead shaharit for multiple sukkot and Shmini Atzeret, which I enjoy a great deal, and I’m pleased that people seem to finally be learning the “Ma Ashiv” tune that I learned via Gary (from Seth from Rena).

Yom Kippur was a bit of a beast: because I had had such a hard time not being allowed to fast on Tisha b’Av, I asked the other doctor in my practice whether there were any options for me. Now, this doctor happens to be a very religious Muslim (fast on Ramadan during her 7th pregnancy religious), so she gets fasting. It also just so happens that I already had gotten a PICC line, so she thought for a minute, and then prescribed a few litres of saline for me so that I could still participate in the fast. I had a bunch of folks tell me I was lucky (no, I’m still sick, remember?), I had others bring upthis article about people getting IVs (not my case: I already have the catheter, so it isn’t a wound, and I’d have to take my antibiotic anyway), and I had even more say that I was going to feel great (actually, if you get IV saline, but don’t drink, you get more thirsty, but it’s just unpleasant rather than dangerous). Having several people watch while I infused was a little strange, but on the whole it went well.

Apparently I am of a dying breed when it comes to certain opinions about what is correct and not correct in the nusah (correct tunes) of prayer: I learned that the “victory Kaddish” was only for after Musaf and after Neilah, but it seems that lately it’s become the de facto Kaddish after pretty much all of the services (which makes not the least bit of sense to me, thematically, but my choices are to accept it or be upset about it because it sure doesn’t look like I can change it…


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