When Eddie said he didn’t love his teddy, you knew he was a no good kid

Alice Cooper does indeed put on a wicked-good show. I was surprised that he had 3 lead guitars in his band: most of the songs don’t sound like they need that amount of sonic depth. I was even more surprised when he was guillotined on stage (!) before the finale (a mash-up of “School’s Out” and “Another Brick in the Wall, pt 2”), where he was dressed as Satan’s drum major (but with as many sequins as Elvis in the jumpsuit stage). Great warm up.

Of course, the real treat is Iron Maiden themselves. I don’t want to have as much energy as they do when I’m their age; I want to have half as much energy is they do now.


I was pleasantly surprised at how many songs I recognized (being a n00b fan and all)- one I particularly liked was “afraid to shoot strangers” from Fear of the Dark. There were many, many animatronic Eddies- one danced around the with the band during “the Trooper,” and the one holding his beating heart (from Seventh Son) also had fire shooting out of his head during the finale.

As Beavis & Butthead said, “if Iron Maiden ever played ‘unplugged’, they wouldn’t unplug the explosion machine.” Yes, oodles of pyro, fireworks, etc.

Up the Irons.



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