A New York (city) of Mind

Amtrak is so vastly more civilized than any airline I’ve traveled. I had no idea that if you get one of the Union Station porters, they’ll breeze you right past the line to pre-board. I think e only thing which would improve the train is perhaps fans in the bathrooms (and sinks which don’t require significant force to draw water, but at least I understand that).

New York is big- I’m always overtaken by the scale – but much more prosaically, I’m blown away by how ridiculously easy it is to keep kosher here: why, when I want donuts and *hash browns* after minyan, that’s a mere 1.5 blocks from OZ, a shul which has not one, but three solid shaharit minyanim each morning.

It’s refreshing to feel so normal: where the Vibrams and t-shirts, rather than the Orthodox Judaism, are the weird part.

Additionally, the Wall Street Journal is so very much better than the Post- the level of both the writing and thinking is a dramatic improvement. Even the letters are more thoughtful: as an example, from today’s WSJ

It has finally become clear to me what the status of the Constitution is to most Americans. It has come to serve the same purpose as does the monarchy in Britan- revered in theory, exalted in speech, and ignored in practice. The rule of law is now a quaint anachronism, soon to be relegated to the dustbin of history.
The only remaining question is: how far down the road to serfdom are we?

edit: the author of that letter is Ed Nelson of Tupelo, MS (famous as the birthplace of Elvis Presley)

Now, whatever your politics, that is an extremely well written, pointed letter.

Ah, New York, how you make it so hard (as is the required custom of Washingtonians) to hate you!


About thegameiam
I'm a network engineer, musician, and Orthodox Jew who opines on things which cross my path.

One Response to A New York (city) of Mind

  1. Tal Kerem says:

    I took note of the same letter in the WSJ today. By the way, you can get it in DC as well — I’ve been getting it delivered to my door each morning for free through a deal I was tipped off to on DansDeals.com. I still hate New York though.

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