Pax Romanum

Sarah’s silent retreat was good. Of course, when the cat’s away, I and several other mice go wild.

Now, “going wild” for me involves having pizza for Shabbat dinner and playing board games (gettin’ jiggy with it, oh yeah), so a civilization game came to be. One player had verbally committed, but ditched, so we ended up with six players on a full size board. I think this configuration plays to my strength, because there isn’t a need for a whole lot of conflict, and I excel at peaceful gaming.

I was clearly in the lead at the end of the game (by which point Egypt had had to drop out), and I was extremely surprised that there wasn’t a “dogpile David” moment (and it was even discussed!) but that let me really run out ahead.

Final scores:
Italy (me) 4499 (I think that’s my all-time high)
Illyria (Michael) 3637
Thrace (the other David B) 3304
Africa (Shoshana) 3300
Egypt (Jared) 1568
Assyria (Josh G) 1473

We’re losing David B and Josh to other places soon, so its probably time to teach more new players.


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I'm a network engineer, musician, and Orthodox Jew who opines on things which cross my path.

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