Iacta alea est

I have been kicking this around for a while now, and have finally decided that I was done with cutting bait.  I wrote up a paper outlining my vision, have now submitted my name for consideration to become president of my synagogue.  I’d have to resign from the mikvah board, but the central things I had wanted to accomplish (more formal governance and improved website) have been done, so I can sleep contentedly there.

I’m certain that there will be a chorus of “sucker!” coming from many corners, but I have a hope that some of the things I care deeply about will get a lot more attention and focus.  We’ll see how it goes.


About thegameiam
I'm a network engineer, musician, and Orthodox Jew who opines on things which cross my path.

3 Responses to Iacta alea est

  1. Ari E-B says:

    Clearly you’re a masochist, so you have the right personality for the job. You also have the two major qualifications – patience and the ability to talk back to the rabbi.

    All joking aside, I think you’d make a great president. Good luck. Just remember not to strap kacy to your roof on car trips.

  2. lesch2k says:

    so it is public information then… i was standing next to the chair of the nominating committee when he received your email, but he wouldn’t say who it was that sent it in, only that he received an application for president.

    • thegameiam says:

      I haven’t yet heard an answer – supposedly I should learn whether I’ve been slated later tonight. We’ll see…

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