More USPS follies

You might think that the Christmas season, the busiest package mailing time of year, would be anticipated by the Post Office. But you’d be wrong. Many businesses hire seasonal temps to handle the extra load, but apparently not the USPS.

At the Georgetown PO, I’ve been in line for ~40 minutes and am about halfway through the line. There’s one teller open. When another clerk came out of the back, the first clerk closed her station.

Wasn’t there a whole bunch of handwringing about the USPS financial viability? I think I might have an idea about where they’re missing the mark.


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3 Responses to More USPS follies

  1. MarkT says:

    My coworker who did not receive her “guaranteed delivery” packages in time for our company party tonight might also have some thoughts on where they can improve their performance…

  2. Janet says:

    Laying off 100,000 postal workers has a huge impact on service. My mail carrier says that they each have to work longer hours, and he’s often delivering mail until 7 pm. He also said that the new postal workers get hired without benefits of any kind — no health benefits, no federal holidays. DC may also be more understaffed than elsewhere.

    Personally I’ve been very happy with my experiences with the post office. They were my moving company when I was moving from Boston to Chicago after grad school, and they cost less than any other alternative — I mailed each of my boxes by USPS, about $1100 total, and they were very helpful when I would drive up with a carload of boxes.

    • thegameiam says:

      That the USPS was able to assist you with packages, doing their regular job, is not a very high bar. My complaints are that they not only fail to provide good service, they often fail to even provide poor service. If their management chose to lay off workers in the busy parts of the county (ie Washington DC), without making any kind of improvement to customer service, then that reflects extremely badly on the quality of the management team.

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