The Price of Beauty, or, Unintentionally Mixed Messages

I saw some pictures of the national Christmas tree, and it is quite pretty. The use of LEDs is a welcome improvement, and that suits my conservationist tendencies just fine (hopefully they can be reused year after year).

But I do have a lingering feeling which isn’t so positive: cutting down a century-old tree and shipping it across the country for one month of display sure seems like consumption of a relatively conspicuous kind- the fuel footprint and use of difficult-to-replace resources (century-old trees aren’t quite so abundant anymore) seem incongruous for an administration which styles itself as being against the lavish lifestyles of the wealthy.

It isn’t always easy to make choices which are values-driven; I’d be curious to know whether this disconnect between words and deeds is an accident.


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I'm a network engineer, musician, and Orthodox Jew who opines on things which cross my path.

One Response to The Price of Beauty, or, Unintentionally Mixed Messages

  1. Foxfier says:

    AAaaaaah!11!!!1! The possessive it’s!
    (Sorry. Pet peeve aimed at the link.)

    I’d bet that it’s more a Symbolism problem.

    They take steps that are Symbolically solid, but ignore the content. Like those old food photography tricks that involved putting marbles in the bottom of the bowl, or adding sawdust to bread dough…. I would laugh myself sick if Obama started a tradition of a bunch of lights in the shape of a tree– appearance without form? Oh, my.

    If I remember correctly, the supply of trees is going up every year– has been since the 40s. If there was a higher demand for the really big, old trees, it’d be different, but even the National Tree is a living tree, has been for decades. (The story is about the Capitol Christmas Tree. To be honest, before now I didn’t know there was a difference.)

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