An Answer at Last!

I got my results today from Optimal Health, and now I have some results. I have confirmed cases of lyme, bartonella, strep (!), and a suspected case of babesia.

Apparently there’s a sign up in the microbial world: “come on in, the plasma’s great!”

Here’s the scary parts: first, both the really awesome rheumatologist and the excellent neurologist performed assorted Lyme tests, including of spinal fluid (!), and yet the infection did not show up on standard tests. This goes to show you that the standard tests completely suck. OHP uses Fry Labs, which has really, really thorough methodology of actually looking for organisms themselves. Here’s what Bartonella and the biofilms look like:
Bartonella smear
biofilm smear

In addition, they use IGeneX labs which in their work provides a much more thorough Lyme analysis, looking at more bands and providing more detailed results, and this was how they confirmed my Lyme and got the inconclusive babesia.

Second, OHP’s working theory on this is that when I got the wicked-bad parvo infection in February, and swelled up, the steroid treatments I got (which were absolutely necessary, and reduced the swelling) dampened my immune system enough that latent infections were able to become active. They believe that tremendous numbers of people in the mid-Atlantic region have latent infections of this type, which cause subclinical symptom levels. Yikes.

Third, it turns out that both Lyme and Bartonella can be transmitted sexually, so it may be the case that I got this from Sarah, or perhaps she got it from me. This is an unpleasant line of reasoning, and I don’t think I’ll go very far down that path, but it needs to be more widely known, so that if one partner gets a confirmed Lyme, the other should get checked as well.

So then there’s treatment. There’s a whole bunch of dietary changes (argh – pizza is *so* far out…), a metric ton of supplements, along with two antibiotics and an antimicrobial solution. The OHP approach is “low and slow” – it’s designed to get rid of the parasites as fast as possible without killing the patient. Emotionally, I’d prefer the bazooka-size antibiotic dose, but that wouldn’t kill the infections any faster, and would just make me more miserable, so maybe that isn’t such a hot idea after all.

But in the words of a real American hero, “knowing is half the battle.”


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2 Responses to An Answer at Last!

  1. Shoshana says:

    I’m glad to hear that you finally have a diagnosis but sorry to hear that it is not an easy fix. I hope that you have a complete and full (and quick) refuah shelema.

  2. Foxfier says:


    I wish you a quick and full recovery, whatever “quick” means in this case!

    My husband’s response: “Uh… wow. That really sucks.”

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