Wearing craziness on the outside

So I happened to click on a link from Orthonomics regarding Pesah resources, and it took me to the Seattle Va’ad’s guide for Passover. In that, I noticed (on page 5) some quite surprising items under the “kitniyot” section – specifically cumin, which Sarah and I had just purchased with an OU-P on it at the DC Va’ad (not to be confused with the band Capitol K) supervised Kosher Mart. So I went to the OU, and found their list of kitniyot for year 9691 (which is amazing, because it’s only 5771 this year) – and there on that list was quinoa, which according to the OU article “what is kitniyot?” (helpfully linked from the first page) we learn that neither cumin nor quinoa are in fact kitniyot.

That last link is actually a relatively helpful discussion of the history of the topic, but it seems like the folks writing the other lists haven’t actually read the history – how else could they spectacularly disagree on so much, and yet speak with such authority? Besides – while cottonseed oil is the generic “go-to” oil for Passover, thus demonstrating that it is not accepted as kitniyot, the real reason not to eat cottonseed oil is that it’s nutritionally horrible, and has lots of unpleasant health effects as well.


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