When a mensch runs for office

I have contributed to a total of two political campaigns in my life. One of them was for a relative who shares very few political opinions with me, but is a good person nonetheless. The other was for Pat Mara, currently an at-large candidate for DC City Council (election on April 26th, or if you’re busy with Passover then, you have until the 19th to get an absentee ballot).

Mara hand-wrote a thank-you note. I’m impressed. I had already been impressed with him during his 2008 campaign, where he won the Republican nomination away from Carol Schwartz, the incumbent – he knocked on our door and spoke to us for about 20 minutes about why he thought he was the best candidate, and what he would do to make DC better.

So I think Mara is great, and is a refreshing change from the typical Democratic machine politics in DC – I hope he wins, because we could certainly use more like him.


About thegameiam
I'm a network engineer, musician, and Orthodox Jew who opines on things which cross my path.

One Response to When a mensch runs for office

  1. Michael says:

    In case you did not see the email, voters can vote at the DC Board of Elections and Ethics office at One Judiciary Square “on a weekend date that does not conflict with Jewish religious observance. The Board voted to open on Sunday, April 17, and for an additional hour on weekdays, at a meeting earlier this week. We have also arranged for WMATA to open the 4th street exit of the One Judiciary Square metro stop, which is directly in front of our building but is normally closed on weekends, on this additional date.”

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