Puncturing falsehood with pictures

I’ve been a fan of Edward Tufte’s work for several years, and one of the significant elements of his approach is to use pictures to accurately represent datasets without either distorting the data or suggesting false conclusions. In this spirit, I am tremendously pleased when I see images which are used to improve one’s perception of the world as it exists, rather than as partisans would have it spun.

So Randall Munroe, of XKCD fame, has successfully (in my opinions) demonstrated the relative significance of the many of the various levels of radiation.

Randall Munroe's chart about radiation dosages (from xkcd.com)

Munroe correctly points out that for all of the discussion about radiation in Japan, the exposures and dosages are theoretical concerns, while the actual impact of the tsunami and earthquakes killed thousands of people and are real, rather than merely theoretical concerns.


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