In a Blaze of Glory

So a recording session scheduled for tonight had to be cancelled because all four of us are sick. I think that’s a new record.

In my health news, as the steroid tapered off my symptoms returned (although not as bad as they were initially) – but now I have the additional joy of what feels like a bungee cord around my chest centered on the solar plexus. I’m trying to keep myself from doing too much Internet-looking, because I am aware of the danger of convincing myself that I have ebola and the flesh-eating-bacteria, but it is a bit alarming that there are multiple conditions in play which are primarily diagnosed by exclusion. Now, one thing I’ve remember from my grade-school algebra classes was that you can use multiple equations to solve for multiple variables, but you need at least one equation per variable to solve, or the best you can do is reformat them into something a little prettier than when you started. So the fact that a bunch of conditions have similar symptoms and exclusionary diagnoses but are radically different in mechanism of action and ideal treatment tells me that there is a lot more unknown than known about medicine.

In keeping with the DC tradition of having sports teams which get smeared by our competition, the DC All-Stars lost to the Maine Port Authority 83 to 162 yesterday. Ouch. I will say that ME’s jammers were really good – I haven’t seen anyone who could jump sideways while maintaining forward momentum on skates before – and their pack was much more effective strategically: when a DC girl was lead jammer, ME would speed up the pack a LOT, minimizing DC’s ability to catch up. Also, DC had a very large number of fouls, and that let ME rack up a lot of unanswered points. We had to leave before the second half of the double-header because Sarah’s back was hurting, but it was still some great rollergirl action.



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