Renewable resources

Sarah used a phrase in the context of relating a conversation she had with a married female friend of hers – this friend’s husband had a cold which thoroughly knocked him out of daily life, rendering him incapable of caring for their child or doing very basic tasks. The phrase was, “it’s not just a cold, it’s a man-cold.”

I was quite tickled by this – I don’t get sick that often, so any time I do my drama center kicks into overdrive (making up for lost time?), so I can imagine the annoyance which must come with dealing with a sick, overly dramatic, somewhat helpless husband. There are only a few words I know which are formed with the prefix “man-” in this manner: “man-purse” and “man-boob.” (If I’m missing some, please point them out!)

So this is relevant today, because I have a wicked man-cold – it’s unfortunate that the bodily humours theory has been refuted: I could be a rich man! I’m loaded with this renewable, minimally-carbon-emitting, organic (hehe) resource! I could hire BP to drill for phlegm, although they’d probably miss and drill into someone else’s sinuses instead (h/t PG for that line).

So, ugh. I’ll try not to be a baby about it, but waaaaaaa!


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I'm a network engineer, musician, and Orthodox Jew who opines on things which cross my path.

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