Two underrated movies

There were a couple of movies released in 2010 which did not get much mainstream attention, are surprisingly good, and are certainly worth adding to one’s “to watch” list. They are Temple Grandin and Guzaarish.

Temple Grandin is an HBO-produced biopic about the real-life Dr. Temple Grandin, who has made tremendous advancements in human knowledge in two radically different fields – specifically animal husbandry and autism. Dr. Grandin is autistic, and as a result of her autism she perceives the world with a very different way than non-autists do. Her visual perceptions gave her an ability and insight to focus on how animals see the world, and led to her being able to design animal slaughter arrangements which did not spook or upset the cattle. In addition, she has been able to identify how people with autism can be better accommodated and assisted. The movie is captivating, and it rises to the challenge of making Dr. Grandin’s autistic perspective intelligible to the audience without resorting to caricature or patronizing glurge.

Guzaarish (Request) is a very compelling story of a magician who became quadriplegic in an accident 14 years earlier, and his petition to be granted euthanasia. It is a masterful film, and does for the topic of euthanasia what Dead Man Walking did for capital punishment: it presents the case in a strikingly fair way, using a difficult case, and in so doing invites the viewer to taste of the moral dilemma. Sarah and I happened upon this movie via netflix, and were completely blown away – it is easily one of the more powerful films I’ve seen in years, and is certainly worth watching.


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I'm a network engineer, musician, and Orthodox Jew who opines on things which cross my path.

One Response to Two underrated movies

  1. Christine says:

    We watched the Grandin movie on tv a while ago. It was really interesting. My husband did some web searching to learn more about her.

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